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What Influence's An NFTs Worth?


By MoneyButton Team

March 9th, 2022

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This is the 3rd episode of a 6 part series hosted with FabriikX.

In this conversation we' covered cover… - What the difference between collector value and speculative value is. - The different factors that influence the value of an NFT - How to understand and determine NFT uniqueness and verify authenticity.

Legal Disclaimer All of the content published on this channel is strictly for informational and educational purposes and neither does it constitute investment advice nor solicitation to buy or sell blockchain-based tokens or securities. No investments whatsoever should, therefore, be made based upon information provided or discussed by any guests or hosts appearing within this video or audio content. Crypto-tokens and equity investments are high risk in nature and you should always take the advice of a professional financial advisor from within the jurisdiction in which you reside before making any investment decisions.

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