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Three New Artists Launch Their NFTS on FabriikX


By MoneyButton Team

April 25th, 2022

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TORONTO, Canada 25 April 2022 – Classical, contemporary designers and artists Mayson Heald, Akoa, and Nestor Andreev have launched their new NFT collections with FabriikX.

The three artists have each created works that include their individuality, experiences, and understanding of the world around them. They have taken inspiration from nature, repeated patterns, cryptocurrencies, and even emojis.

Nestor Andreev’s series is titled Pastels of Freedom. The collection is made up of twelve sensory and emotional pieces. Each piece can be customized to the buyer’s specification, whether that is in a recurring tile pattern or singular print.

Nestor’s collection is inspired by Bitcoin: “The patterns I have created – for example, Interconnected or Bright Mosaic – are like connected nodes, validating transaction hashes (TX’s).”

Mayson Heald’s work is also inspired by Bitcoin, specifically the BSV blockchain. She curated the series, Reflections, which takes inspiration from key historic-artistic periods and how they collide with the modern world today. These are uniquely drawn characters in a quiet reverie of calm, the series observes a single, moment in time. She said: “I take inspiration from Renaissance artists, as well as impressionists, contemporary, and abstract masters. However, for this collection, I also took inspiration from new creative media aligned with the blockchain and web3.0”

Akoa created a unique series of characters designed in modern 3D style, with expressive and meaningful looks inspired by text emojis. His colourful, fun, and adorable NFT collection has been titled Cute Characters Series.

“The series I created is heavily influenced by Social Network emoji and sticker collections, The characters present a minimalistic and expressive picture at bold events.”

FabriikX’s Lior Cyngiser, Business Operations Director, said: “Working with such creative and talented people has been a pleasure; to see their artistic process and watch them explore NFTs and digital artistry is fantastic. FabriikX believes in letting its artists grow and explore their fields. This is only possible when they feel secure with the marketplace they’ve chosen.“

The NFT market is currently booming with artists and celebrities producing and creating pieces on several platforms. But FabriikX is the only curation-focused marketplace built on BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), where everyone can create, mint, and list NFTs. FabriikX offers on-chain storage, low costs, and expert content from within the community.

On FabriikX customers can buy, sell, and re-sell NFTs directly with other collectors and get paid instantly. There are no minting or transfer fees, and all data lives directly on-chain.
When it came to choosing where to launch their NFTs, Akoa, Nestor, and Mayson agreed that it was not even a question.

Mayson: “FabriikX is a professional and well-designed platform that works with the BSV blockchain, which allows for secure scaling. By using BSV, FabriikX enables access to the creative NFT communities without substantial fees, unlike others. The addition of a connected secondary market is a major advantage to artists and collectors too, allowing the sale of NFTs to be easy and lucrative. All really important features for new creators.”

Nestor adds:” I think FabriikX as a marketplace will be successful. As a creative freelancer, FabriikX allows me an opportunity to gain experience with great support. Providing access to the blockchain means we, as artists, can upload and create more.”

All collections are available to view and buy now at FabriikX

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