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Support Humanitarian Relief Efforts for Ukraine and Own a Limited Edition NFT


By MoneyButton Team

March 2nd, 2022

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TORONTO March 2nd 2022 – The Ukrainian-American sports club, Tryzub, in collaboration with FabriikX and NFTfamiliars, has released two limited edition NFTs to raise money for the people of Ukraine, who are courageously repelling Putin’s attack. All proceeds will go to the United Ukrainian American Relief Committee (UUARC), an international humanitarian organization with nearly 80 years of experience in helping Ukrainians in dire need, headquartered in Philadelphia.

People have been making small fortunes investing in NFTs over recent years, but all proceeds from these limited edition NFTs will go towards supporting the people of Ukraine who are under attack.

Each NFT is priced at US$100 with the goal of raising US$20,000. This price point was chosen because the average donation being made to the relief organization right now is US$100, so the idea was to tie the NFT into these donations so people can get a unique, collectible NFT in return for their generosity in supporting the people of Ukraine. The NFTs are called Stand with Ukraine, which features an angel-like statue in front of a fence painted in the yellow and blue of the Ukrainian flag, standing tall to protect her people. The second is entitled Ukrainian Effort and shows the coat of arms of Ukraine on the same blue and yellow fence.

Yuriy Porytko, a Ukrainian-American based in Philadelphia, is a consultant and tech executive who has organized the initiative along with Adam Hawley of NFTfamiliars and contacted Fabriik to see if they could help. He said: “The picket fence symbolized the value that can come from many pieces bonding together to form protection. And the idea of using the coat of arms came from me – I see it as representing both the strength and the precarious fate of the Ukrainian people which is lying in the balance.”

Adam Hawley of NFTfamiliars commented: “It was an easy decision for us to get involved in this project and we are delighted that FabriikX has come on board to help with the process of minting these highly collectable NFTs to support such a vital cause.”

About NFTfamiliars:

NFTfamiliars, is a community of NFT holders of all kinds, artists, musicians, collectors, and other entities interested in bettering the future. There will be live stream event capabilities, Fabriik Money Button options for performers and artists and platforms built out on Web3. The NFTfamiliars collection is originally minted and built onto the BSV blockchain and sold through its partnership with FabriikX.

About FabriikX:

FabriikX is a new kind of NFT marketplace experience. Built on the power of the BSV blockchain, FabriikX offers expertly curated exclusive content from top creators within arts, sports, and music, as well as NFTs from the best creative minds in our community. To Fabriik, NFTs are much more than just digital collectibles – they are experiences that connect collectors with the creators and communities they care about most.

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