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The Button

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API v2

API Overview

Money Button has a powerful API that allows you to accept secure webhooks server-side to confirm payments, to authenticate users to remember purchases or to allow users to engage with other users, and get permission from users to perform actions and get information on their behalf.

The first step to use the Money Button API is to make a new application. Once you have made an application, you will be able to use webhooks to receive payment notifications in a secure way server-side.

Resources open to third party apps using OAuth at the moment:

API v2

  • Get User Balances - Returns user's bsv and tokens balances.
  • Get Payments List - Returns a collection of payments belonging to the current user or app.
  • Get Payment by ID - Retrieves the data related to a specific payment.
  • Get Assets - Returns a collection of assets belonging to the current user or app.
  • Create Asset - Create asset before tokens minting.
  • Modify Asset - Modify asset.
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