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API v2


The Money Button API is similar to other web services like GitHub and Twitter. In order to make full use of the API, you must create an "app" in your user settings. When creating a new app, you will be be able to pick a few properties, such as the name of your app, and you will also be given a few pre-generated values. Every user has a default app.

The values for an app are:

App nameThe name of your application, like "My Cool App". Can be any short string.
App URLThe website URL where your app can be found. This is required for Invisible Money Button and must have the same domain as the one that appears in the URL bar.
App descriptionA short description of your app such as "A way to post files to the blockchain."
Client identifierAn autogenerated random string that identifies your app. This number should be added to every button to allow you to track payments made in your app and to receive webhooks. This value is public and can be shared with users.
Client secretAn autogenerated random string that must be kept secret. Do not share this secret with your users. The client secret is how you can access the Money Button REST API.
Webhook URLWhen a payment is received, confirmed, and/or failed, you will receive a webhook notification at this URL.
Webhook secretAn autogenerated (but editable) random string that is sent with webhooks so that you can confirm the webhook came from Money Button directly.
OAuth identifierAn autogenerated random string that is used client-side (in the web browser) to allow users to authenticate ("sign in with Money Button").
OAuth redirect URLWhen the users sign in with Money Button, they will be redirected back to your website at this URL.

Once you have created an app, you will be able to use the api-client to interface with the REST API, webhooks to receive payment updates, and OAuth to authenticate users and get permission to perform actions on their behalf.

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