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The easiest way to pay and get paid.

Behind every MoneyButton account is a secure digital wallet where you can hold all of your digital assets.


Explore what's behind every MoneyButton account.

Decentralized Self-Custody, Paymail, NFT storage and so much more all at the push of a button.


Our NFT marketplace is built on MoneyButton.

You can build yours too!

Simply add a small piece of code to your site and start getting paid or explore all the MoneyButton API services.


Explore MoneyButton

Self-Custody Wallet

All private keys for your Wallet are stored directly on your web browser or mobile device. This gives you complete control of your digital assets.

Secure NFT Storage

MoneyButton is a secure tool that allows you to store, view, manage and own your NFTs.

Multiple Paymails

Paymail turns a long complicated blockchain address into a simple email address.

And so much more!

Deposit and exchange any currency to crypto. Create your own MoneyButton for tips, donations and other cool ways to receive money.


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Renowned Comedian and Photographer Steve Best’s First FabriikX NFT Collection

May 26th, 2022

Behind-the-scenes photos from the UK’s biggest comedians offered as unique, digital and physical collectibles FabriikX continues to enhance its curation focused NFT marketplace with the addition of a new private collection by comedian and photographer Steve Best.

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Three New Artists Launch Their NFTS on FabriikX

April 25th, 2022

TORONTO, Canada 25 April 2022 – Classical, contemporary designers and artists Mayson Heald , Akoa, and Nestor Andreev have launched their new NFT collections with FabriikX . The three artists have each created works that include their individuality, experiences, and understanding of the world around them.

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New Collection from Diddy Wheldon Drops on FabriikX

April 1st, 2022

TORONTO April 1st 2022 – As her third collection launches on FabriikX, the curation- focused NFT marketplace experience, Diddy Wheldon, co-founder of Women of BSV, talks about the inspiration behind the collection and how she came to the world of NFTs.

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